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XXSEX Melbourne Australia
Formed in Melbourne Australia in 1990, XXSEX spent their first year writing material and rehearsing a show and made their debut early in 1991. Previously being members of local thrash/punk bands XXSEX was formed with the light hearted plan to become a Glam Metal band but the thrasher influence proved difficult for the band to shake and XXSEX created a sort of Heavy Rock/Thrash Metal crossover with a strong Australian Hard Rock edge style sound.

The first year of live performing had the band battling against the tribute band plague that seemed to destroy the ‘original’ live hard rock scene. Many of XXSEX’s early shows were playing support to the likes of Kiss, Poison and Guns ‘N’ Roses tribute shows for very little in return.

In November 1991 XXSEX release their first song ‘So Much For Love’ on the Studio 52 New Music Sampler Compilation CD, with over 2000 copies distributed. The song received some radio airplay on station such as 3CCC, 3PBS, 3RRR, 2RRR, and ABC’s Triple J.

With no financial backing XXSEX struggled through the years with little or no equipment and a few line up changes. The band was forced to take time off the road to write new material and break in new members.

After a short break and another line up change in 1994, XXSEX return to the live music scene with a renewed powerhouse of energy, paving their own way and gaining a new following. New songs and members added a stronger lust for life to the bands overall hard rock sound and stage appearance.

Urged on by favourable comments in many forms of media including local and national radio, Hot Metal, Beat, Inpress and Babylon Magazines, XXSEX looked further from home for venues to infect with their brand of Aussie Rock ‘n’ Roll. XXSEX had reached the stage of becoming a headline act.

Avoca Beach Hotel Flyer 95XXSEX headed north to New South Wales in search of a new audience and based in Umina on the Central Coast, spent a few months ‘On Tour’ during the very cold Central Coast winter of 1995.

After the East Coast tour of Australia, XXSEX went through yet another line up shuffle and after playing just one more show in Melbourne unfortunately disbanded in 1998 due to ‘creative differences’.

After a break of almost twelve years, XXSEX surprised Melbourne audiences in 2010 by briefly reforming and playing two successful reunion shows. Three, if you include a party show they also played.

In early 2015 XXSEX was back in the studio preparing for their long awaited full length album.

XXSEX 2015
XXSEX 2015 – Bryce, Saundies & Thor in the studio in preparation for recording the long awaited album.



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